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About the work:

I make paintings that always entertain me – they aren’t always humorous, but should come together in a fun way.

I can use second-hand imagery to inspire the work but hope that the initial meaning of these images eventually is lost as they become part of something new.

It is very important to me to build up images using strategies that obstruct my overall view of their development. Eventually I will work to a point where I will unveil the new painting for the first time. I will have an instant reaction to the painting and will judge whether the painting works and is exciting - if I judge it to not work I will repeat the process until satisfied (I limit it this to 3 repeats otherwise I will over familiarise myself with the painting).

It is paramount that I may have the same visual reaction to the work as the viewer seeing it for the first time. I want to view and appreciate the painting in the same way the audience does.  

I call the strategies I use Diversion Tactics, they include: changes in scale, cropping, masking, speed painting, lacklustre painting, projection, rotation, opposite-handed painting, paint throwing, rag throwing, squeegeeing, single line drawing, washing, and multiple layering of images in order to produce the paintings.

An inherent part of my studio practice is to invent new strategies and apply them directly on to fresh work.

Finally, I am willing to take a lot of risks in my practice and can often expect total obliteration of the image/painting to occur.